My name is Tina Dunne and I am a fully qualified BACP registered psychotherapist with a masters level qualification in Psychotherapy and Counselling working in Bristol city.


I am trained to work long-term (psychotherapy), exploring unconscious problematic patterns of thought and responses which may be linked to childhood experiences or short-term (counselling), focussing on a particular problem.

Making those first steps to contact a therapist can be anxiety raising in itself. Questions such as 'do I have a big enough problem to warrant contacting a therapist' emerge. Just to say I have not yet had a client who was disappointed that they engaged in therapy whether it was long or short-term engagement.


I have experienced Psychotherapy and counselling to be helpful for:

  • Complex trauma (long term effects of childhood developmental trauma) 

  • Anxiety

  • Depression 

  • Bereavement

  • Self development

  • feelings of isolation

  • loss of direction

  • search for meaning in your life

But every one is unique and I will work with whatever you bring into the session, in my experience every client brings something new to explore which I welcome. 

My private practice is in Clifton, Bristol

The practice is situated:

  • In a building where only therapists work, respectful of the need for a therapeutic environment

  • In a spacious comfortable room 

  • Two minute walk from Clifton Down shopping centre where you can park free for two hours if you spend £20 in Sainsbury's.

  • Very close to bus stops and right next to the Clifton Down train station

  • Close to several coffee shops making it a nice place to wait if you get there too early

Tina Dunne Psychotherapy

E: tinadunne22@hotmail.co.uk


T: 07428157228