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Psychodynamic approach

Tina Dunne PGDip (psych) UKAHPP (reg).

I am a registered member of the UKAHPP (United Kingdom Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners) adhering to their code of ethics. I have regular sessions with a clinical supervisor to process my work with clients and have had a private practice for 10 years. 

I am a Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapist integrating theories  and practice from different schools of thought such as Person Centred approach, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Gestalt etc.

From the psychodynamic I believe that our behaviour and feelings are powerfully affected by unconscious motives rooted in childhood experiences. 

From the Humanistic I belief that every human being, with the right conditions (non-judgemental attitude, respect and genuine warmth), can become aware of those unconscious motives making space for inner growth and development.


Working with somatic experience (body tension and pain) is an important part of the therapeutic work I do. Neurobiological research shows us that our psychological state effects our physiological state and vice versa. I find this very important when working with clients who have suffered trauma as a traumatic memory tends to be held in the body (Fight/flight/freeze system). Paying attention to body pain/tension can make sense of what happened in  the original trauma and bring ease to anxiety and stress. 

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