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Fees, appointments and contact details


Your wellbeing is important. If you feel it is time to have a safe space to process what is going on for you simply call, text or email me on the number or email address below. I know how difficult that first point of contact with a therapist can be so I will try to make that first step as comfortable as I can for you. 


Sessions are one hour long and cost £55 to £65 depending on whether they are day or evening sessions. Initial sessions are £55. I will accept cash or bank transfer, both must be paid on the day of the session.

For therapy to be effective weekly sessions are required. Each session lasts 50 minutes and we will meet at the same time and day each week to build continuity. I would expect you to pay for any cancelled sessions. 


Please contact me if  you would like to book an initial session or to gain more information.






            Clifton, Bristol.



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